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Hello Paul.

I just wanted you know that the Outriggers arrived yesterday and they are now installed on my dated Klipsch Reference RF-35 speakers. The assembly was simple and the product is of impeccable quality. I call my speakers dated because they are. I was in the beginnings of replacing them because I had grown bored with them and wanted something new. To do so though would have required me forking out easily $6-7K to get what I wanted and I was prepared to do so. But I was also curious about your product. So I took a chance and man, I’m glad I did.

The outriggers have completely transformed my speakers sound output. Like other reviewers have stated, tighter lows. More definitive mids, crisper highs. My dated RF-35’s are renewed and sound better than they’ve ever had. Not to mention the aesthetic enhancement. I’ve been receiving compliments about them and of course “Where did you get those?!”

Thank you Paul for your patience and the timely shipping. It’s a great product and I will tell all my audio friends about the outriggers and your website.


Received & installed…AWESOME!
Excellent quality and a snap to install. Not only do they look tremendous the setup and adjustment is really quite simple. I was also impressed with how much more solid my bass is as well as an improvement to the soundstage. Perhaps this is due to the improved coupling to the floor?
I will forward photo’s this evening and post AGon feedback.
I really appreciate it and it is always nice to find an audio product which is absurdly priced and works so well.



Hi Paul!
Got the outriggers today and just installed them. They look fantastic. At my first listen (As I write this.), it seems to tighten up the bass and overall sound………….Not sure if that makes sense or not. (I like the sound!)

I will put in a few hours with them over the weekend, but it appears they really make a difference.

Thanks again for all of your time and advice you gave me, I appreciate it.


Hi Paul,
It does a great job at stabilizing the speakers and the adjustments on the side are really helpful. I was able to easily level my speakers on my “not too leveled” floor :). The quality of the finished product is just great!

I am sending you pictures of my setup. If you would like to receive more from different point of view, feel free to ask.

thank you,

JF (France)

name=Adam Parrish


I just added a review of your Outriggers to my website, I thought you might like to know/answer any criticism.




Paul, I had the opportunity to put the outriggers on my speakers and think they are a great addition. It is now so easy to level the speakers and they make them rock solid. There is also a definite improvement in imaging and the bass and mid-range. I attached a picture of one of the speakers. They were custom made by Jim Salk and sound incredible.

Thanks for a great product,


Forest, Virginia

Thanks Paul, I received the outriggers yesterday and installed them last night. They fit perfectly and look great. I’ll get you some pics next week. Thanks so much.


Hi Paul,

Attached are some pics of the outriggers installed on my Ohm 4 speakers. The outriggers have allowed the speakers to image better with improvement in the midrange frequencies. Bass notes now are more defined. I also like the stability they provide. Thanks for a great product!



Just wanted to let you know that I received the outriggers for Christmas and they are simply fantastic. My concerns earlier was that there was only one spike in the back similar to the Adagios you mentioned and I wouldn’t be able to resolve the difference in speaker width between the front and back. Everything connected easily as you had mentioned and I am quite impressed with the quality and looks of the outriggers. The spikes are deep enough to penetrate the carpeting. I had thought I would have to resort to making these but the cost was reasonable and the fit and finish are first class.

Please feel free to use my feedback as you wish as this was actually my favorite Christmas gift this year. Attached are pictures of my Piega C3-LTDs with the outriggers you can also use as you feel.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays,
Forest, Virginia


I sent pix in a separate email. On sound, for what it’s worth, the outriggers make an audible difference, for the better: focus, soundstage, tightness has improved. Well worth the money.


Received the outriggers today. Look great. Talk to you down the line.



I rec’d the outriggers for my Adagios & they look great.

Thanks, Jim


Finally the project is finished. Please, see attached photos. I’ve only build the subwoofers/speaker stands. We called them “Olaf”, because of SEAS drivers, made in Norway. The customer had the top speakers (Ellis Audio) before. The Outriggers work fine. They sit atop “Herby Dots”, as seen in a detailed picture.

Best regards,


Hi Paul,

The outriggers installed in my Daedalus Audio Ulysses speakers without a hitch. It’s really great to have the ability to fine tune the speakers’ coupling with my carpeted floor and to adjust their rake. Thought you might enjoy seeing these.



Hi Paul,

I received the outriggers (love em!).

Thanks Toc


Just quick note to let you know that I got your outriggers installed. The design and workmanship of your product is outstanding and has elevated the sound of my Triangle Celius (Stereophile class “A” rated) speakers to another level. My wife and I are looking for another pair of speakers for our family room and you can be sure that I will be ordering a set of outriggers for them. Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,


Hey Paul, I have installed the SBN9s and the improvements to my system are better than I had imagined. Thanks again for your assistance. As requested, I have attached a couple of photos. Take care and have a great Labor day weekend. Peace … Pete


Paul ~

Here you go – I hope you can use any of the pictures. It was a custom job to mount the Outriggers on the B&W’s because the base is cast metal. I removed the factory casters and made mounting pieces for the Outriggers. Also I made platforms of 2 1/2” hard maple and stained them, them used your spikes to get the platforms off the floor. It works and looks great.


Hi Paul,

The outriggers arrived yesterday. It was a very nice surprise to receive them earlier than expected!

The quality and finish of your product is superb. You have truly exceeded my expectations.

I’ll continue with speaker placement this week and will report back to you with my listening experiences. Just wanted to keep you posted and say thank you.

I’ll also be happy to send a recommendation with photos for your website after speaker placement is completed.

Thank you so very much,

Hi Paul,

I received my outriggers about 2 weeks ago but only finished the bases for my speakers yesterday. The bases are made of New Zealand totara and are filled with sand. They add about 15 pounds to each speaker and in combination with your outriggers should make it very difficult for the dog to knock them into the walls anymore! The top of the speakers are now nearly 40″ from the floor but they are incredibly stable.

The other new addition to my set-up is some DIY (but not by me) speaker cables made from braided multiple pairs of Cat5 ethernet cables. The addition of your outriggers seem to have further increased the extra depth and weight of bass frequencies that the cables brought. I can now use the Direct setting on my amp where before I had to bump up the bass with the tone controls.

Thanks for such an excellent product,


New Zealand

Hi Paul,

Just installed the outriggers on the speakers.

They are looking great. The sound improvement is quite noticeable, especially in the bass – much more focused.

For the first time ever, I was able to move my speakers around without being afraid of knocking them down, – and I by proper positioning, I’ve got a much bigger soundstage. The outriggers are very stable, and the ability to adjust each cone separately using the knobs is really great!

You’ve got an excellent product!

Regards, Victor

The Outriggers provided an elegant solution to the problem I had of needing to angle my speakers down a couple of degrees to align the main driver with my ear height at the preferred listening position. Besides that, the expanded base and easy/precise adjustability makes these speakers seem to be BOLTED to the floor – a VERY good thing indeed. This means that ALL of the drivers’ energy is spent on producing music and NOT in rocking the speaker around. A win/win for sure!
Best Regards,


The outriggers make a HUGE difference-they are absolutely essential in my opinion for good sound with these speakers on carpet and I wouldn’t dispense of them regardless of flooring.


Hi Paul
Its been over 2 months now since the outriggers for my Adagios were installed. They are now rock solid to the floor. The sound improvement floored me, no pun intended. The bass is much better along with the highs and mids. These outriggers should be required for the Adagios. Otherwise, the spikes that comes with the speakers, just are not good enough to bring out the best in these wonderful speakers. Highly recommended. Much thanks.

North Carolina

Hi Paul,
Got the package today, and installed both stand/base. I’m very satisfied with the product, excellent craftsmanship. They look and feel awesome.
Keep making good product in the ol’ USA. B&W 704.


Hi Paul the outriggers work great I’ve included a picture of my Odyssey Lorelei’s with them installed. Installation was a breeze. Is it possible to purchase the longer tips for the cones? I bought the 1.5” and I have carpet I think the longer tip would work better.

Russell C.
Chicago, IL

Paul –

I installed the outriggers yesterday. All went well. It did take three of us to get the speakers upright and on the little floor cups. I am listening today. No huge changes, but the bass is tighter and better integrated into the overall sound. What I really love is the ability to fully balance my speakers and adjust the tilt for the tweeters. Moving the speakers is also easier. Our house is a 1920’s Tudor and the floor is very caddy wampus (sp?). The plinths allow me to adjust for that and also give increased stability to my Verity Parsifal Encores. A great product – thanks!

James M.


They work great; very solid and fix the problem of the uneven but currently popular hand scraped wood flooring. Surprisingly they also received a fairly high WAF.

Thanks again,


Hi Paul!

I received the outriggers on Sat., thanks. They are very nice! I have installed them on my Gall Reference 3s and they work *great*! The speakers are MUCH more stable now. Plus, the outriggers look kinda cool. I think I may order some cones from your site, I’ll peruse it today and get back to you.



I also wanted to let you know that I’m going to put some favorable reviews up on some audio sites, I hope I can drive some business your way. Thanks again for a good product at a great price!

Best Wishes


Hi Paul,

I was able to get the Outriggers installed on my Dali Euphonia MS5’s using the Dali spikes and locking nut. They look great and made a noticeable improvement in the sound. Bass was much tighter and everything seems to snap into focus. The speakers are rock solid stable.

I have attached a couple of photos.

Thanks for the great service!!


Thomas N.

With the Soundocity outriggers, looking very good and the soundstage and imaging really tightened things up with your outriggers
,very good quality product, Paul at Hifidelityaudio.
WLM LaScala Loudspeaker from
Hi Paul,

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the looks and audible benefits of the Soundocity Outriggers. My soundstage is clearer and more open, and bass is better defined with more impact (given that they’re now anchored to the subfloor).

While doing the research, I didn’t find any a/d/s speakers listed for reference – they use the ¼-20 standard thread.

I’ve attached some pics for …whatever you want to use them for!

Thanks again for everything,

Dan E.
Brighton, MI

JM Lab Electra 946

I did get the outriggers yesterday and I have to say that they are very well built and looks great! Its the best spikes i ever bought! Really happy with them! Here you got 2 pictures!


NHT Classic 4 with Soundocity Outriggers

Love your outriggers. The quality is very apparent. Sturdy, well finished, with quality components. They go on very easily and provide a very stable mount that firms up the bass. I have the speakers angled up in the front. It’s so nice to be able to adjust the angle so easily. Very, very satisfied with your product. Here are some pix. Take care.

Jack S.

Just wanted you to know that the outriggers arrived safe and you guy’s did a great job with it’s design and looks! Great product, thanks………….Jeff
Freemont, CA
My order arrived on Saturday… thank you very much. The outriggers are an absolute blessing from the standpoint of stabilizing my speakers on the carpeted surface. So simple and functional. Great product.
Rich IL

Just a quick note to say that the stands arrived in fine shape and we assembled them last night. There is no doubt that they have made a very nice difference tightening up the bass and smoothing out the overall response of the Merlins. Of equal practical importance is that the speakers are now much more stable. (Only other spikes and stands I have ever had this experience with are the ******** which are certainly a whole lot more money and not as stable.)

CK Playa del Rey, CA [/su_quote]

Hello Paul,

I do not usually write a company thanking them for a product which they sold me, but these outriggers are not your everyday “maybe it will work tweak” These outriggers improve the look of my Dali Euphonia MS4’s and the coupling of speaker to floor is rock solid, also the ease of dialing in the tilt and the leveling couldn’t be simpler. The bass is tighter and more focused, this was immediately apparent on the first disc played. In the world of audiophilia (insanity) when a product comes along, that is not mumbo jumbo voodoo hoodo, maybe I hear a difference after about three drinks…. One should. The industry, should take notice and make a huge noise of said product. So Kudos to you and your design team for a job well done.
with high regards,

Jersey City, NJ 07305

“These Outriggers have brought back some of the fun that turns people into Audioholics in the first place.”
“I can not express in words the convenience of having the spike adjustment on the side of the speaker. It is… an indescribable difference.”

by Tom Andry
Associate Editor, Audioholics.com

Everything is perfect now. I have taken the granite slabs out and used the taller spikes on the rears. These soundbars are the perfect solution for my Aerius I and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.


Toronto, ON M5S 1M2, Canada

In addition to a unique chambered cabinet design the base of the Aria can be filled with sand or lead shot. Add this extra weight to the Soundocity Outriggers and you’ve got an incredibly stable and acoustically dead enclosure. All you hear is the music, not the “box”. For details click here.

Alegria Audio
SeaTac, WA 98188

THANKS!! Having audiophile nervosa, now I won’t have to resort to other measures of insanity! 🙂

Your product was installed shortly after I received shipment!! Late last night after warming up my system front end, I experienced a BIG difference with my M&K MX5000 THX subs!! Now, bass is much clearer and tighter!! That’s what makes this hobby so great!!!

Thanks again!!

Granada Hills, CA

Thank you for the speedy shipment, I received the outriggers yesterday and installed them last night. I’m impressed with the heavy duty construction and very satisfied with the results. The speakers are clearly more stable than my original set-up and I’m please with the acoustic improvement. I’ve included some pics with this e-mail if you’d like to add to your gallery.

Thanks again,

(Houston, TX)

Wow, finally I have found my speaker to ground support that didn’t gain grimace from my better half. I’m a happy customer.

(Seattle, WA)

As you have requested I am sending my feedback on your outriggers I recently ordered. Everything went smooth when mounting, I did need to have a second hand when flipping the speakers onto the bottom as I was afraid the spikes would get held up in the carpet. The adjustment feature is really the best design I’ve seen, that little rock I couldn’t seem to get rid of before is now gone.

(Rowland Heights, CA)

Outriggers arrived a couple of days ago. Very well packaged and I didn’t injure myself unwrapping them! Now have them mounted on my Axiom M80s and I love them! I have them tilted up a shade so it improves the imaging and I think it opens the bass a bit too.

(Duncan BC)

Thank you for helping me in my new setup. I wanted you to know I did a little side-by-side comparison of the new outriggers vs. previous setup. I think I had underestimated the gains I’d see from the outriggers. My original intent was to just make my HT3’s more stable, but I can clearly hear a noticeable improvement in the mids. I’m hearing more separation and imaging. Honestly… I had to adjust the balance to get the same performance from the speaker without the outrigger! Excellent!

(Toronto, Canada)

Got my order and installed them easily. Got the bolts no prob. I’ll send some pics. Adjusting the speakers is so much easier. I consider these a great sound tool. I was able to get better imaging by lining them up exactly.

My Tannoy cabinets are not very deep. It would be extra supportive if the outriggers protruded forward/backward as well as just laterally on the sides. Maybe an a X structure which would help give them more front to back rocking stability instead of just side to side, which is way better now.

Any, I’m a happy customer. Thanks for the tools.


(Irvine, CA)

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