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Q: How to decide the correct outrigger size?
A: When selecting from the pull downs on the bar size for each product you’ll see the “speaker width” dimensions that particular bar size fits.  In most case you can select a larger bar size as the slots in the bar allow for that. Please free to email if you have any questions on the bar size best for your application.

Q: What are the weight capacities for Soundocity Outriggers?
A: The max weight per pair of outriggers depends on a couple different factors; overall weight of speaker and overall width of speaker. If the speaker width is used with the recommended bar length then (1) pair will easily support up to 170 lbs with minimal bar deflection. If you go with a longer bar then the deflection of the bar will be greater.

Please email if you have a heavy speaker concern and we can give you some thicker bar options.

Q: What is the best tip options for the different types of flooring?
A: We have many options listed on the page for different setups. We also have some that we’ve not listed but could be used for special setups.

Hardwood and tile flooring needs protection. It is not recommended that you place sharp spikes directly on these types of flooring. Use of our brass or steel pads under the sharp spikes work nicely to protect flooring. Another option is our rubber footer outriggers or rubber tips that screw onto the base cones of our standard outriggers.

Carpeted floors like the use of spikes plunged directly into carpet. Thicker carpet with pad is best with the 2.125″ spikes length and short carpet can use the 1.50″.

Please free to email if you have any questions on your setup.

Q: How are the outriggers installed onto the bottom of the speakers?
A: The outriggers are installed using bolts that use the existing spike inserts on the bottoms of the speakers. We send a standard 1/4-20 bolt hardware kit with each order which is the most common thread size that manufacturers use. If your speakers do not have inserts already installed into the bottoms? Not problem as we send (8) 1/4-20 inserts with each hardware kit. When installing, slide the bolt through the small split washer 1st, then the larger flat washer, through the bar, and then screw into the insert located in the bottom of the speaker. Do not over tighten. Only tighten down till the split washer is flat. http://soundocity.com/beta/installation/

Q: How do I setup once installed?
A:  After the outriggers are installed, place the speaker in the desired location of your listening area. Try not to “walk” the speaker on the spike tips, but pick up and set down the speaker is in the right spot. It’s always nice to have a helper in this process for heavier speakers. Once the speaker is in its final location adjust the knobs of the outriggers to adjust the angle (rake). This can be a back and worth process till that sweet spot is found. A helper here is nice too 🙂 Before moving the speakers again be sure to place markers on the floor to identify the corners of the speakers. This will be a big help when setting up again.

Tip: I like to sink the 2.125″ tip into the carpet and try to touch the sub-floor on a carpeted floor setup. To do this, place some weight on the top of the speaker and rock back and forth slightly till the tips pop through the carpet.

Q: What’s the best way to clean the outriggers?
A: A damp rag is perfect for the steel pieces and tape is good at removing the dust from the rubber knobs.

Q: What if my speakers are wider than they are narrow?
A: No problem. We have many customers that have mounted their outriggers running front to back instead of side to side.




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