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A – Standard Outriggers with Brass Cones





Our Soundocity outriggers are available in (6) different sizes to fit all standard speaker and subwoofer sizes.

1/4-20 mounting hardware included. If your speakers already have inserts installed and they are different that 1/4-20, simply replace the standard 1/4-20 installation bolts included with your order with bolts having the same thread size as your inserts.  Note – Most speakers already have inserts installed and will not require the inserts we send with the hardware kit.

Speakers of non-rectangular shape may require a couple different size outriggers. Simply measure the width of the speaker at the front and rear inserts to find what outriggers sizes should be ordered. Please feel free to email with any questions.

– 1/4″ thick HRPO (steel) main bars with durable black powder coat finish.
– Comfort grip fiberglass filled polypropylene knob (soft to the touch)
– All Brass precision machined cones with black or gold nickel finish.
– Each cone spike weighs 86 grams and measures 1-1/4″ diameter and 1-1/2″ tall or 2.125″.
– Each cones has two piece threaded tip design allowing additional level adjustment.
– 100 lb /sq. in. tension spring for positive knob feedback (new!)
– All steel with zinc plate 1/4-20 wood inserts for DIY insert installation
– All steel mounting hardware (Bolts & Washers for 1/4-20 for installation)

*** Note *** Qty 1 = one pair (enough for one speaker or subwoofer)

Order (2) if you are ordering for a pair of speakers.

We offer two different outrigger end types, straight with radius end and larger rounded end. Both of these models can have either the 1.50″ or 2.125″ long spikes in either black nickel or gold nickel finish.

Note: The SBN5 and SGN5 are only available in straight end.

Please visit our gallery page and see how our product might help in your audio setup.

Additional information

Speaker Width

5.99" and under ($131.00 pair) SBN5, 6" to 9.10" ($131.00 pair) SBN7, 9.11" to 11.35" ($135.00 pair) SBN9, 11.36" to 13.60" ($139.00 pair) SBN11, 13.61"to 15.85" ($143.00 pair) SBN13, 15.86" to 18.10" ($148.00 pair) SBN15

Bar End Type

Straight End, Rounded end

Nickel Cones

Black Nickel, Gold Nickel

Cone Height

1.50" Tall, 2.125" Tall

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