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Our speaker loudspeaker outriggers fully employ the use of speaker spikes and speaker spike adjustment. Traditional spikes are extremely useful in holding the speaker stationary but fall short of gaining the speakers full capabilities. Our outrigger (Spike Bars) go far beyond the original intent of spiking a speaker.
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Our speaker Spike Bars solve (5) major issues of traditional speaker spikes

Problem 1

Traditional spikes mounted directly to the base of the speaker are extremely difficult to adjust so that each spike is making contact with the sub floor or pad on hardwood.

Solution 1

By moving the spike outside the footprint of the speaker and the use of an adjustment knob, we can now apply weight to the top of the speaker and easily adjust each spike to the closest point where all spikes are making contact. Is it possible that all (4) spikes will touch? Yes, they can all touch if you penetrate the carpet and the top .010″ to .020″ of the sub floor wood.

Problem 2

Traditional spikes mounted directly to the base of the speaker make the footprint (contact area) smaller because the spikes are mounted inside the speaker base perimeter.

Solution 2

Our speaker outriggers (Spike Bars) actually increase the overall footprint of a speaker thereby making it much more stable and less likely to tip over. We have many customers with toddlers, young kids, cats, dogs, drunk friends, or vacuums that use our outriggers to help keep their speakers from tipping over. We launched our Flat Strap Outriggers for these folks that really didn’t want to invest in the spike and adjustment features. They can be found by clicking the photo below.

Problem 3

Detailed adjustment and speaker tilting cannot be easily achieved using traditional speaker spikes.

Solution 3

We have engineered our outriggers (Spike Bars) to include enough throw (height adjustment) in each bar to accommodate a 0 to 5 degree “tilt” from front to rear to fine tune each speaker for imaging.

Problem 4

Many spikes that come standard with a loudspeaker purchase are made from steel or stainless steel which serve no vibration dampening function.

Solution 4

All spikes attached to our outriggers (Spike Bars) are made from 100% brass which has a much higher specific gravity than that of steel or stainless steel. This higher specific gravity (density) reduces the amount of vibration transmission dramatically, giving you a much more detailed and fuller sound from your loudspeakers.

Problem 5

Speaker spikes mounted directly under the speaker are mostly hidden.

Solution 5

High quality speaker spikes should be seen as well as heard. Why not add to the visual appearance of a speaker. Just as a nice finish looks looks great on a speaker our outriggers with brass cones will do the same. Our outriggers provide a finished appearance to your speakers and will absolutely enhance your listening experience.

Placing and moving of speakers with outriggers installed:

As you would expect, you must take care when moving the speakers with outriggers mounted. In no way should you ever “walk” the speaker by tipping back and allowing all the weight of the speaker to rest on one side of the outrigger at a time. In order to move the speaker please have someone assist you in lifting the speaker and for no reason slide. Reason; speaker manufactures inserts (where the outriggers mount) are not always robust enough to support the weight of the speaker at and angle. Too much weight loaded on one insert may create enough torque to pull the insert from the base of speaker.

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